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About Charlie Theel

I am a writer. It's still difficult to really call myself that or feel as though it's true. I haven't had any formal training or education in the craft, and everything I've learned has been through reading people smarter than myself and experimenting.

While I've performed a great deal of free-lance work in the industry, my most cherished writing has been at my site Player Elimination. I am able to approach criticism from an angle of creativity and write in a way which is very personal, and hopefully insightful.

I hope to be called a critic. I don't consider myself a blogger or content creator.

Why Patreon?

I've accepted one-off Ko-Fi donations for some time. That support has helped pay some of my hosting fees. Some readers have expressed interest in an option for recurring donations and I am unable to do that without a paid membership at Ko-Fi, one which I believe would cost me more than I'd bring in. So Patreon.

With your support I hope to continue doing what I'm doing. I hope to grow as a critic and broaden my quality of work.

I don't plan on offering any unique content to Patreon supporters at this time. I'm not sure how I could reasonably do that with the amount of time I'm already investing into my review work. That may change in the future as I would very much like to express my gratitude to those who support me.
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Once I hit 10 patrons I will start writing patron only blog style posts. These will be focused on recent plays and games I don't plan on featuring with a full article at Player Elimination. 

There are many games I play just once or twice, or maybe that I write about in Tabletop Gaming Magazine but never feature in a full length review. This will be a format to share my thoughts, and it will be one where I'm less concerned with making multiple drafts or presenting something unique or creative. 

These posts will occur every 1-2 weeks.
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