Charlie Walden is creating Old-Time Fiddling Videos

Friends of the Possum

$1 /mo
You'll get this warm fuzzy feeling every month!

Five Dollar Honorable Mention

$5 /mo
I'll give you a big "THANK YOU!" in one of my videos every month - how about that! 

Custom Video Fiddle Lesson

$20 /mo
Patrons at this level get to request a particular tune to appear as a video fiddle lesson once per month. You tell me what tune you want to learn and I'll create a video in your honor and post on m...

You're Trump

$15,000 /mo
You must be on pills, but who am I to judge? One patron allowed at this level. Here's the deal. Once per year you fly me and the missus plus two other of my musician pals out to your pad in Palm Sp...