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Update! (23/9/2020) - I'm working on revamping the page, doing Patron only livestreams.
I want to use this page for a more general support.
Comics, Youtube Gaming channel etc...
I will be reworking reward tires over the next few days to include Art and Youtube based rewards.

IMPORTANT!!!! Society Divide is currently on hiatus, so there will NO new weekly pages. 

Hello Amazing Person!
I'm Charlotte, Let me explain What I Do:

First my Comic:
 Society Divide: A Story of Hope.
It's a comic with a slice of life/hero journey style story. Our main character is Hope, a young adult, fresh out of education and ready to climb the career ladder at the Freedom Fighters (Craw's national law enforcement division) with the goals of making his late father proud and to offer the love, help and support to those who need it.
The story explores the subject of how our social groupings can dictate how people treat others in both a positive and negative manner.

Second my let's play Youtube channel:
Charlotte and Zeke!

We play a variety of games together, mostly Nintendo or indie games. Here's an example!

Third and finally my personal Youtube channel:

Right now It's mostly Art based, but I want to do more personal vlogs.

You're support would enable me to:
-Help me pay my bills
-Upgrade equipment
-Work on comics and youtube full time <3

If you would rather leave a one off tip then you can

$0 of $13.03 per month
This will most go to towards Pet Insurance and food so I can afford to keep my dog healthy and safe

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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