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About The Charlton Champion

We're a community news website for Charlton, London SE7. We tell you what's happening in the area, tell you what your local councillors are up to, and we go to the important meetings so you don't have to.

For years, this site has been produced in our spare time, but now we're giving you the opportunity to help us become bigger and better. 

So we’re starting a membership scheme for The Charlton Champion. We would be very grateful if you could consider supporting the site with a monthly subscription.

Your contributions will help us write more stories, get to more events and help reward others for writing for the site. We've divided it up into portions of London Living Wage (currently £10.20/hour) to make it easy for you to decide how much you want to give. If you're a local business - you can even sponsor the site at a special rate.

In return, you'll be able to read a few extra bits here from time to time, and we may occasionally have a few extra things for you - if you're prompted while signing up, please leave your address.

The money is divided equally between the two of us with a share left over to pay the site bills and to pay new contributors.

The Charlton Champion has been running for eight years now - signing up as a member will help us produce it for more years to come.

Best wishes,

Darryl and Neil
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