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About ChasingNero

Currently on hiatus.
New content is not guaranteed.
You should only become a patron if you want access to previous content.

Hey, thanks for checking out my page!

What do you do?
I create adult animations using Source Filmmaker. I'm always trying to improve, so hopefully my content will become better over time.

What kind of animations do you make?
You can always count on POV scenes. Other than that, I plan to do a wide variety of content.
The same goes for characters and game universes. There are some that I'll keep going back to, but I'll also continue to explore new things.
I'll occasionally add sound to animations, but for now it's not guaranteed each time.

What's your schedule?
See notice above.

Reward Notes
Early Access is currently 3 - 7 days.
Bonus Versions are mostly alternate outfits, but can also be alternate camera angles or other various adjustments.
Not every animation will feature bonus versions.

If you enjoy what I'm making and decide to support me, know that I appreciate it!


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