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When I first approached Dr. Stephanie about starting Chasing the Mind, I hoped that we would be able to showcase our psychological knowledge and experience, and tell amazing stories through interviews with experts and every day people. I never imagined we would be so welcomed by our listeners, who come each week to hear the fascinating tales woven by our guests. For that...THANK YOU!

Dr. Stephanie and I want to see where our vision for Chasing the Mind can really take us. We have some exciting ideas about how to grow and develop the show. We are reaching out to our "dream guests" through various channels. We would love to have the ability to improve the technical aspects of the show, including adding transcription, bonus content, merchandise, and online and live events.

And we still want to do so much more... But we need your help!

By becoming part of our Patreon family, you'll be helping CTM to cover the basic costs of producing the weekly show, as well as providing the resources we need to create more content, purchase better equipment, create CTM merchandise, and give us the chance to engage with you, our audience, on a more personal level. Dr. Stephanie and I would love to be able to travel and do live events where we could answer questions, give talks or workshops on psychological topics, or just hang out and have a great time exploring the vast world of psychology.  

Here is what you will get with your support:

More content: Dr. Stephanie and I want to be able to produce more content, for example, BONUS episodes dedicated to topics that are of special interest to our listeners. We're also looking to develop different projects including spin-off episodes (featuring more KEVIN!), video series, and even e-books.

Better equipment: Although we think our content is absolutely terrific, we would love to make CTM sound more polished and professional. Your patronage will help us acquire better editing software, better mics, mixers, recording gear, etc.

Design new merchandise: Hey did you notice? We just got a new logo! Don't you think it should be on a coffee mug or something? And what about t-shirts with classic CTM host lines? There are hundreds of possibilities! With your patronage, we'll be able to develop and follow through on these new merchandise ideas.

See the Doctors LIVE ONLINE AND/OR IN PERSON: We want to start doing online events SOON...but wouldn't it be AWESOME to hang out in person? Right now it is a dream but we think it is a dream worth pursuing!!!

So why should you become a patron of CTM?
Well, you would have the undying gratitude of two highly trained Doctors of Psychology--that's worth something right? AND, you will get access to all the extras we want to develop FOR YOU our patrons!  In addition to the weekly show, you will get to hear bloopers and outtakes, bonus episodes (did I mention MORE KEVIN???!!!)...You will hear extended interviews with our amazing guests...Right here on Patreon! AND patrons will get exclusive invitations to Google Hangout ASK US ANYTHING episodes!

Sound like just what the Doctor(s) ordered! Please, if you can afford to contribute and help sustain Chasing the Mind, now is the time.

For those of you who have been listening since our first episode, and for those of you who are joining us now, we want to THANK YOU for being intelligent and thoughtful audience members, and for being open to and engaged with the content we present each week. Dr. Stephanie and I will continue to create a free weekly podcast and for you, our listeners, and we will continue to engage with you through our presence on social media and here on on our patron page. We hope that after after each episode you have learned something, and maybe even laughed along the way.

Thank you again for your support,

Dr. Angela 

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When we reach $100 per month, we will upgrade our audio equipment and provide episode transcription. We will also begin doing monthly online ASK US ANYTHING Google Hangouts where we take listener questions.
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