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This tier is for beginners. You'll get access to my Patron-only feed  where I post useful resources for exploiting/game hacking and programming. I will introduce you to the tools used by the pros and help you get started with basic programs and exploits.

Advanced Reverse Engineering

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I will expand on my reverse engineering demos to give you an in depth point of view of how I work. I will assist you personally with any programming projects you have in mind and you will receive access to  tier 2  my of Patron-only feed which includes exclusive Reverse Engineering and Programming videos as well as source code for all of my tutorials.





Well hello, I'm Cheat Buddy. I'm a self taught computer programmer. I like learning new things and enlightening others. Favorite Quote: We Aspire to Inspire before We Expire.

My Content will include: Reverse Engineering, Programming, Game Hacking, Game Development, x86 Assembly, C++, Trainers, and Mastering tools like Cheat Engine & IDA pro to make you a expert.

P.S. Newbie friendly! “ANTI-RTM” :D!
I can make anyone a PRO.

Why Support Me?

My goal is to elevate amateur and intermediate programmers so that they may one day become extraordinary developers. Reverse engineering and Programming can be a difficult skill to learn and even more difficult to master I believe learning should not only be fun, It should be comprehensive and accessible to everyone.

As a veteran programmer, I'm very passionate about teaching and programming. With your help, you can help me reach this goal while also helping many others who struggle with Reversing engineering and Programming fulfill their wishes. All patrons will be listed on this page in addition to being granted an exclusive badge on my forum.

Thanks for your support! :D
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I'll be motivated to continue spreading my knowledge with this community. Seeing this many Patrons will show me that people out there have a genuine interest in my content and I can be more creative with the types of content that I share with you all.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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