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About Cheekynauts Entertainment

Welcome to the Cabana Club, where we the Cheekynauts have crash-landed and are in need of your help to fix our ship and fulfill the dream of launching our games into the universe!

What games?

We are currently developing two titles: SANTRIA and Moonshell Island. Let's tell you a bit about them!


SANTRIA! is a light-hearted, modern-setting RPG with a strong emphasis on exploration and character interactions and features a tactical battle system, diverse landscapes, and tons of minigames and sidequests.

You can learn more about Santria at

Moonshell Island

Moonshell Island is a whimsical place populated by quirky and charming characters whom you will befriend in this community-building RPG featuring minigames, action battle system, fun puzzles, and a very special hermit crab.
You can learn more about Moonshell Island at

What's in it for me?

Good question! The owner of this fine establishment has offered complimentary Cabana Club Memberships to all who help us get our ship working and off the property. This includes access to the wholesome community that is our Discord server!

We also have some cool cargo kicking around that we would be happy to unload on top contributors from time to time. To further our mission, we'll be sharing top-secret plans, guidelines and prototypes which would normally be for cheeky eyes and ears only. We are putting our trust in you to keep this privileged information classified!

You can find the complete list of offerings for each level of contribution in our Tier section, but for your convenience we have below a directory of the posts you can access at each level:


$2+ Patrons

$5+ Patrons

How long is this going to take?

While we cannot provide a clear timeline yet, the support we receive here brings us closer to being able to devote ourselves fully to these projects and therefore to achieving our goals sooner. It is likely to be a long road still ahead of us, but we are very excited to share the journey with those ready for a fun adventure!

If you're one of those people, we extend our sincerest appreciation and our warmest welcome to the Cheekynauts Cabana Club! We hope you'll enjoy your time with us!

Your friends,

Sam & Schotti
$393.50 of $1,500 per month
This amount of support should allow Sam to work on our games full-time*, which is the ultimate goal on Patreon!

*Subject to change based on circumstances.
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