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About Chef and More

Hi, I'm Chef Pam with Chef and More, welcome!

I'll be uploading videos several times a week with a goal of sharing easy how to recipes. I want to take the intimidation out of cooking and help others to enjoy cooking as much as I do. My goal also includes donating the prepared meals from my videos to local families in need. But I can't do that without YOU!

My love for cooking started when I was just five years old! My aunt always cooked Chicken & Dumplings. One day I asked her, "Auntie, how do you season the dumplings?" she replied, "Baby you don't, the juice will season the dumplings." From that moment on I set out to find out how in the world did the juice season the dumplings?!? Fast forward to today....I am now a self taught chef and cookbook author and this is my journey.

Chef Pam

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