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About Michelle Nickolaisen

Who are you & what’s this about?

Hello! I’m Michelle Nickolaisen, an indie creator & storyteller, and this is the overarching Patreon to support my creative projects, including but not limited to:

  • Unplaced, an audio drama podcast 
  • Serendipity City, the magical dieselpunk actual play podcast
  • The Worldslip trilogy, of which I am currently working on book two and three, to be (...hopefully) published in the next two years
  • In various stages of development: multiple role-playing and storytelling games (tabletop & other), a supernatural murder mystery, a campy queer sci-fi audio drama, and more

Wait, who are you again?
Just in case you don't know who I am, or want to know more: I'm a writer & storyteller. My other projects (often business-oriented) have included the Freelancer Planner and Rock the System (a Kindle book about business systems for solopreneurs), along with Unplaced, Serendipity City, and Keys and Needles (the first Worldslip book).

All of my fiction/worlds/stories are, of course, heavily influenced by my life and experiences. In my case, some of those are being pagan/witchy (it is almost impossible for me to create worlds without magic and gods, because I see those everywhere in my everyday life), growing up queer and pagan in the Bible Belt, and my experiences of mental health/illnesses and chronic pain/illnesses. If your interest is piqued by any of that, you're probably in the right spot and I'd love to have you as a patron!

I write a lot, but in addition to more traditional prose, I’m a little obsessed with interactive and/or cross-media storytelling. If you’re in the same boat, or you're into indie writing and media, inclusive fiction, and/or love to see behind the scenes of those, and you’re a sucker for worlds & stories with sass, action, found family, and magic in unexpected places, you’re in the right place.

Having a Patreon can help me create more things (for even more people to enjoy) and pay my collaborators more (and have more collaborators).

In return for helping fund these projects, you can get first or exclusive access to content like:

  • Notes on what's coming up (example), sneak peeks, and snippets of works in progress
  • Behind-the-scenes interviews and commentary with cast/crew/collaborators 
  • Process posts and videos, outlining how I build worlds and characters and showing my inspiration (Examples: Worldslip Book One (Keys & Needles)DM notes + organizationMechanics, Metaphors, and Morality: On hacking games for storytelling)
  • Playtest versions of games and early access to games when done
  • Short stories and flash fiction, whether standalone or featuring the worlds and characters you know and love from other works (Example in-world content: Newspaper Clippings from Serendipity City, example standalone flash fic: Captive)
  • Q&A posts answering your questions about the worlds, the characters, my writing process, juggling so many side projects while also running a full-time business or having a day job, or whatever you want!
  • In the future: postcards with custom art and exclusive fiction, character sketches, livestreams, and more content overall

Basically, if it’s related to any of my fiction or writing work, even tangentially, patrons will always see it first and might be the only ones who ever see it.

Reward schedule:

That sounds great, you say, but how often will I get rewards?

There will be:

  • At least one process/behind the scenes post a month
  • At least two early access episodes a month for podcasts currently being released (other content will be released during podcast hiatuses)
  • Sneak peeks, short stories, and other pieces of in-world content whenever possible (and increasing as we go along!)
And that's just the beginning. As this Patreon grows, I can devote more time to creating more stories and more extra content like the above.

Any questions?
Feel free to email me at michelle (at) bombchelle (dot) com, hit me up via messages here, or send me a tweet

Thanks so much for reading this far, and for your support! <3 
$45.50 of $50 per month
Bonus episode! We’ll record a bonus episode set in Serendipity City, with me as a player, and edit, soundscape, and release it within a month of hitting this goal.
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