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About Chelsea Pray

 Give this intro a read to find out what your support will mean to me.
Two quick things before we dig in:

View my art online:
WebsiteInstagramTumblrFacebookYouTube | Red Bubble
Void Light (Webtoon)Legends in the Wind

Commissions are OPEN!
Interested in a custom piece? A unique gift for a loved one? A full color drawing of your favorite character? Ask away! Check out the commissions post for details. Contact me at [email protected] to get started. Up to 25% off a commission of your choice when you become my patron! See the tiers on the right for more info.

What is my Patreon about?
Alright! So, I’m a comic artist, writer, and illustrator that dreams of working full time on my own projects. You can help that dream come true. If you like my content, please consider contributing. Even the smallest amount means the world to me. No, seriously. 

What kind of stuff am I making anyway?
Currently I am working on two major projects, both free to read:

Void Light
Paranormal | Drama

In the dark, in the corner of the room, at the bottom of the stairs; Gabby can’t help but notice the strange magnetic sensations that linger in unwatched places. Even though she might see, hear, and feel unexplained things, she still has to cope with high school and a mom who is, well, an antique fanatic. Follow Gabby and her best friend Ro as they delve into a realm of creepy, paranormal experiences. 

Read it on Webtoon or here on Patreon.

Legends in the Wind
Adventure | Fantasy
On the back of a giant hawk, Laska searches for a way to coexist with the shadow creatures that terrify mankind. Though only spoken of in legend, it is said some have the power to control theses entities. With each new adventure, Laska brings these legends to life. Like the other side of a coin, Jarrek, a wandering hunter, works tirelessly to eliminate these beings. Their world is full of terrifying darkness, magnificent creatures, and myths come to life yet there are still legends in the wind.

LITW is currently undergoing a make over to be more readable on Webtoon. It is available to read here and on the comic blog

Wondering where your money will be going? Here are a bunch of examples:
-Art supplies such as ink, bristol paper (used for comic pages), erasers, pencils, sketchbooks, etc.
-Computer hardware such as back-up drives on which to archive my work (therefore keeping it safe!)
-Online expenses such as website fees and payment processing fees
-Convention badge and table fees. Going to cons is the best way to meet potential fans, network with other artists, and sell artwork
-Printing illustrations, booklets, stickers, and business cards (this includes at home printing for which I need to buy my own paper and ink)
-Extras for conventions items like plastic sleeves, and labels
-Gasoline to travel to events

Please take a look at the long term goals for a deeper understanding of what various income tiers will mean. I have an idea of what it will take to run this thing but please keep in mind that this is all a learning process. Remember that in the end, my goal is to earn an income with support like yours so I can focus on art full time!

What other projects are on my slate?
You may be wondering what all I have going on over here. Here’s just a few.
-Monthly art challenges such as Linktober and JanuHarry
-Too Cute Creations
-Making an updated video for Patreon
-Upgrading YouTube video quality (working on adding more tutorials and voice overs)
-Full color illustrations of originals
-Full color illustrations of fan art for titles including:
One Piece, Ghibli films, Harry Potter, The Legend of Zelda, Monster Hunter, Tomb Raider, Horizon Zero Dawn, Minecraft, Game of Thrones, Ruroni Kenshin, Yu Yu Hakusho, and many more!  

Thank you so much for your consideration!

$92.20 of $300 per month
This first milestone is a big one! Monthly support like this helps me maintain my online presence, afford art & computer supplies, and attend local conventions. For your help, I'll send each patron an exclusive digital illustration as a PDF file.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 63 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 63 exclusive posts

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