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Song of the Month Club Member

$2 /creation
Did you just join the club?! 

Yes, yes you did. THANK YOU! 

  • Every month get an unreleased acoustic song with a pdf signed copy of the hand-writ...

Go Behind the Scenes

$5 /creation
Get all the info on what is going on in the creation process of EVERY SONG I release! This level gives you the exclusive behind-the-scenes and in-depth 'Making of' podcast ...

Digital Dream Team & Hangout Squad

$10 /creation
Patrons at this level are helping me get into the studio, higher musicians, and work with videographers. You are the foundation!

Aside from everything in the lower tiers, this incl...

Let's Get Physical!

$20 /creation
(I'm not even an 80's girl but I love the reference.) 

I hope you have an actual mailbox because not only will you get everything from the lower tiers digitally, but this is where yo...


Press Pass!

$100 /creation
This is the standard rate for a musician to record a single song in studio. 

When you donate at this level, you can let me know what instrument you would like to sponsor and, after w...


Sponsor a Song

$1,000 /creation
This is a standard rate to produce a "radio ready" song from start to finish. 

Each song has 3-5 musicians, a recording and mixing engineer, and a mastering engineer.