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-Access to my Exclusive Patron Only Feed and the Exclusive Patreon Discord Channel!! You will get to be the first to know about upcoming news, new projects and all that 's going on with the channel!

-Future cover vote! You will be able to vote for a cover to be done by me! The list will be presented from time to time! 

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-The previous reward
-All my MP3/WAV files! You will get access to all of the covers I have done in High quality MP3 and WAV files!

-Your name in the video credits! That's right! All the Forest Warriors and above tier supporters will have their names listed at the end of the video, so everyone will get to know how cool you are by supporting my work!

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-All previous rewards!
-Get access to my new cover one day before it is released on Youtube! You will get access to the Fire Medallion and above only feed and see the video before anyone else and also get access to the MP3 and WAV versions!!

-Get one song in the patreon request list! You will get to choose 1 videogame music you want me to cover. One of them will be chosen by me and get covered in the best of my ability!!




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About Chequer Chequer

Hey guys, what's up? Thank you so much for visiting my patreon page!

For those who still don't know me, My name is chequer and I am a video game guitarrist from Brazil and I make video game guitar covers for Youtube! theres is nothing I like more than videogames and music so, why not putting them all together?

In case you still have never heard any of my work, here is my Donkey Kong Country 2 Guitar Medley I made a few years ago:

When I was a child back in Belgium, I eas crazy about videos games and their soundtracks! I just fell in love for the gameplays, the stories and, of course, the music! I used to sing the game songs through the streets like a dork when I wasn't playing videogames!

In 2011 I decided to start a youtube channel with my first videogame cover and I haven't stopped since! My dream is to make this my fulltime job so I can make youtube videos for all of you guys that apreciate my work! With your support I will be able to make more videos, get better gear and produce with better wquality that you guys deserve! 

Just to remind and reinforce that all my content on youtube will remain FREE! I will never charge for the videos I make! You only support me if you WANT TO and it will be incredibly appreciated!

Well, I think that's it! i hope you keep enjoying my channel and help me follow through this epic quest!
Thank you so much, you are all incredible!

$13 of $15 per Video Game Guitar Cover
Better looking walls! With this goal, I can afford to buy new posters and other stuff for my dull and pale room walls, and also foam to control better the sound frequencies and make better idea on how the mixes will sound for real!
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