CherryPgamer is creating Livestreams and Community

$1 /mo
Get a follow and a shout out on Twitter! If you don't have a twitter account to share, I will tweet with your Patreon name and post the link to the tweet in the activity feed here!

$3 /mo
I will name an animal after you on CherryPatch/The Fifth Choice! Let me know what name you would like me to use! Keep it clean!

$5 /mo
I will draw a chibi of you. Just send me a photo or I could draw your Minecraft skin. Your choice! Check out my art to help you decide!

$8 /mo
I will hand knit or crochet an item and send it to you. You must be able to provide an address. If you are under 18, please ask your parents before submitting for this reward.

$12 /mo
I will add you to a Discord chat that's just for Patrons that donate at this level and my Tebbiebear, I don't go anywhere without him. <3