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About Cheryl Ann Lipstreu Fine Art

Hi there! Welcome to my Patreon Page!

I'm Cheryl Ann Lipstreu and I am creating a community of Fans to be inspired by following my Fine Art Bodypainting adventures and artistic journeys around the globe. As you may know, Bodypainting is a World-Wide Phenomenon. With exclusive opportunities only available here, I will offer you an insiders glimpse to my new canvas works, commissioned works, and Patreon special featured monthly bodypainting videos. I'll also freely share tutorials, tips, advice and critiques that directly gives me the possibility to interact more with you. You will become my patron and will receive all kinds of special rewards in exchange, as well as access to my patron only Activity Feed.  

This Patreon page is my chance to create more content just for you, my chance to have more time to communicate with you and share all the art I can with you. Creating content is a full time job and your memberships are what makes it possible for me to update at least once a week with paintings, finished art, videos, new photography, artists TV, polls and much much more. 

Your pledges directly help me to fund my bodypainting competitions around the world, buy art supplies, pay my bills, and most importantly they will give me the mental space to focus on bigger and better projects, all while bringing you along to share in the joy of creation with me.
By becoming a member, you will have a real impact on the quality and sustainability of my content. If you choose to partake in this journey in art I will be forever eternally grateful and promise there will be many awesome things to come! 

Thank You for believing in me and check out the rewards listed below to find out how we can work together to foster a thriving culture of Fine Art Bodypainting Inspiration!

$6 of $6,000 per month
Team Cheryl Ann is raising funding to travel to and compete in the prestigious Daegu International Bodypainting Competition hosted in Daegu South Korea. This competition is filmed on live Korean Television to an audience of over 18 million viewers.
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