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About Cheshire

Greetings! My online handle name is Cheshire, but there are derivatives of this name that work too. Why am I here? Why are you here? Good questions indeed. I'm here because I decided to do something with my life by doing stuff. You're probably here because you clicked your way down the rabbit hole. Still interested? Let's continue on then!

I am a holder of an AAS in Veterinary Technology, which has done me well for over a decade. Don't get me wrong, this career path was great!  A "midlife crisis" happened and I had to make some changes to my life. Next thing I know, I'm applying to go back to college, only to get a BA in Computer Game Design and Development. Pretty drastic change, huh.  Yeah, I get that a lot.  Fast forward to graduation, you find me burned out on game making.  I mean, working full time and being a full time student?  Pretty sure some magic happened at some point because I still don't know how I managed that.  Another huge development in my life happened, and now we're here in the present.

Still here?  Awesome!  Over the years, I've collected games.  During my BA segment, I bought games but never had the time to play them.  It was one of those "I'll get to it one day" sort of things, or if it was on sale.  So here I am, dusting them off, giving them some love by playing them.  I'm sharing my experiences with you, so count yourself lucky (or unlucky because sometimes I go off the deep end). :)

Right now, I utilize TwitchYoutubeTwitterInstagramDiscord, and Blogger. Twitch is my main platform, where you can find me streaming 6x a week.  Youtube is utilized for my video uploads that go in hand with my game guides, as well as my Let's Plays.  Twitter is where you can find me most of the time when I'm not streaming or doing that adulting thing.  Instagram shares the pics of my life, hobbies, and interests.  If you want to talk to me and others within the community, Discord is where it's at.  At the $3+ tier, you gain access to it as well :)  Finally, my Blogger.  No, this isn't where I write my Dear Diary stuff.  I actually utilize it for my game guides!  

So, where do you come in?  Right here!  With the help and support from viewers like you (thank you PBS), I can keep going on this path.  There are a ton of goals I want to achieve:
  • Growing my community!
  • ArenaNet Partner
  • Warframe Partner
  • Donations to rent and keep running an ARK:SE server each month
  • People sharing my guides and utilizing them
  • Be able to help with the income in the household
  • Be able to keep up with house maintenance (currently have 2 ceiling leaks, leaking faucet in the kitchen, and the microwave broke 2 months ago x.x)
  • Get back into making games
  • Doing Let's Plays for Youtube
0% complete
This goal is for a new computer.  My current one is 8 years old and racks up my power bill x.x  With a new computer, I can create more content because I won't be worrying about the power I'm sucking!
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