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About Chesnoq Studio

Welcome to our page!

Who they are?

They are a duo! A team! They wish to make games! And they do!
Mike is writing code and Natalie is drawing pixel art.
They've met somewhere on the Internet and have decided to make something big, strange, advanced, unbelievable, extraterrestrial. A video game with procedurally-generated world...

What they do exactly?

They are making isometric pixel-art game with procedurally-generated world! Plot also will be generated, so every time you replay the game you are getting completely new experience!
This project just started, but guys working hard on it! Follow this page or other social media to get all the latest news from developers! And don't forget to support theme here, on Patreon.

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Once we start getting $50 a month we will start preparing weekly video recaps of our projects
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