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Sam's Journey (C64) · Official Release Trailer

About Me

Hi there! My name is Chester Kollschen and I'm a passionate game developer. Under the label Knights of Bytes, my team and I create brand-new games for old-fashioned home computers and vintage video game consoles.

“ Sam's Journey ”

Genre: Scrolling Platform Game
Platform: Commodore 64 (PAL "Vanilla" or NTSC with REU)
Media: 5.25" Disk (C64 PAL / C64 NTSC) or Cartridge (C64 PAL only)
Distribution: Protovision
Status: Released on 24 December 2017

About The Game

Sam's Journey is a brand-new original scrolling platform game developed for the Commodore 64 home computer. It's about a cute little hero called Sam who finds himself on an unexpected journey in a strange world.

Guide Sam through many different locations such as deep forests, hot deserts or frozen mountains! Find hidden gems and discover secret passages, but beware of the creatures!

Sam can run, jump, climb and swim. He can pick up items, carry them around and throw them at enemies. And with the power of special costumes, Sam completely changes his appearance and gains additional skills!


The World Of Sam

Sam Exploring The Forest

Pitcher-Sam Dealing With A Bunch Of Rogue Penguins

Ninja Sam Fooling Enemies Using His Wall Skill


· Classic 8-Bit Platform Action ·
· Colorful Graphics ·
· Fast Free-Directional Scrolling ·
· Many Basic Moves Plus Climbing And Swimming ·
· 6 Special Costumes With Additional Skills ·
· 3 Overworld Maps ·
· 27 Huge Levels With Multiple Sections ·
· 2000 Screens To Be Explored ·
· 14 Different Graphical Settings ·
· 19 Beautiful Tunes ·
· Sound Effects ·
· Hidden Items To Be Found ·
· Secret Passages To Be Discovered ·
· Checkpoint System ·
· Savegame Option ·

See It In Action

Watch the latest teaser video right here!

Sam's Journey (C64) · Sneak Peek #9 · "Sam's Perfect Pitch"

Past Projects

Ice Guys (C64)

Metal Dust (SuperCPU)

Here are two games I created before Sam's Journey. The first one is called Ice Guys. It's a cute two-player arcade platformer for the Commodore 64 about two heroes, many monsters and a lot of snow. The other one is Metal Dust, a 16-bit style space shoot 'em up developed for the CMD SuperCPU, a rather rare piece of hardware.

Do You Like What I'm Doing?

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Let's keep the spirit alive!
Photographs: Chester Kollschen
Graphics: Chester Kollschen & Stefan Gutsch
Videos: Chester Kollschen, Stefan Gutsch & Alex Ney


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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts

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