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is creating Oil paintings, sculptures, drawings and tutorials

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Access to progress shots of my artwork. I'll be posting everything that I am working on. Basically like my Instagram feed but posted more frequently and with more detailed information about them.

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About Chet Zar

My name is Chet Zar. I am a Dark Artist and I like to paint monsters. 

Thanks for checking out my Patreon page! While I have good amount of value in these initial  rewards, my plan is to grow this thing to possibly include items like Limited Edition prints, giveaways, etc (although there is an ongoing 20% ongoing discount in my web store for the "Collector" tier). I thought by at first focusing primarily on digital content I could avoid getting in over my head. In any case, I will be hitting you up about this stuff as the community grows. I will be posting a lot.

My hope is that this Patreon will help me to eventually be able to jump off of the hamster wheel of the monthly money hustle so that I can put all of my attention solely on the artwork, and in turn, share it with you. I've been able to make a living at this "art game", but I still end up having to spend the majority of the time marketing, hustling commissions and creating studies to sell online. This is part of the reason (not the only reason, mind you) that the Dy5topia book is taking so long to finish, among other things. With steady income through Patreon, I am hoping that I will be able to start focusing on all of the things that I REALLY want to do- take my time creating my very best work, creating larger detailed pieces and that huge EPIC painting I have been dreaming about for probably 10 years now. My framer has an AMAZING 4x6' ornately gothic, black frame just waiting for me at his shop. And I am DYING to create that painting. And with your support, I just may be able to do it- and bring you along to watch its progress.

As I have stated in the video, I'm keeping this content exclusive and for patrons only. Moving forward, I think that I am going to start populating my social media feeds with finished pieces of artwork and imagery from throughout my career rather than the progress stuff and time lapse videos I had been posting in the past. From now on, I am saving the good stuff for for you.

So for you $1, $3 and $5 folks, just imagine that this page is what my social media pages USED to be- but with a hell of a lot more posts, more information and more interaction. This page is going to now serve as my home base and it's where I will be putting most of my attention.

I'm still in a bit of a pickle with commissions I owe, my Dy5topia book and Kickstarter rewards, and a few other lingering projects I need to finish. But the cool part is that I will be sharing the progress and process of it all here with you! For example, I will base my tutorials on projects I have in the pipeline. Some of those are: a Dy5topian realistic portrait commission, some custom sculpted frame corners (not only can I create a sculpting tutorial for this, but molding and casting as well!), Dy5topia book paintings, Dy5topia Kickstarter bust rewards that need to be painted (what a prefect opportunity to teach my technique for painting resin busts!), etc. Thanks to this Patreon- and your support- I'll be able to dig myself out of this hole while at the same time sharing my progress and showing you how I do it! This truly feels like I have a potential new lease on life instead of the usual "how am I going to pay my bills this month?".

And I haven't even touched upon the other aspects- sharing my music, my philosophy, my collection of oddities. And I know there are some things I haven't even thought of yet. It's all exciting as hell!

Thanks for visiting, reading and hopefully donating. Remember, Patreon is a monthly subscription and you can cancel at any time. But with all the cool stuff I have planned, I don't think you will want to!


365 of 500 patrons
Once I hit 500 patrons, I will be able to afford to upgrade my streaming equipment with a dedicated computer, video card, lights, etc, for better quality live streams.
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