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About Chevee

Every day, I go into my shed, and create. Sometimes I build something, sometimes I just think. One day, at the encouragement of others, I decided to turn the camera on. What started as a few videos of me building and chatting has turned into a daily show called The Daily Shed.

THE DAILY SHED - Part silly. Part talk show. Part vlog. Every weeknight. I pick a topic and talk about it for around 10 minutes and share that content on YouTube. 

CHEVEE PLAYS - I started a gaming channel in 2017 but for many reasons I was unable to keep up with it. I'm bringing it back in 2019 for game reviews and discussion. It's going to be fun!

I would love to make more, but time... and of course, money... are both a factor in how much I can create. I'm here to ask for your help. Every dollar counts. It means I can afford to create just a little bit more. Thank you for visiting. I hope to see you soon!
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