Mandy & Jonathan Chew are creating a Positopian world.

Tip of the Ice

$1 /mo
Get exclusive access to some good content.
  • Access to ALL Private Positivity Notes.
  • Added to the special Facebook Group.
  • Our bi-weekly newsletter...

Inner Sanctum

$5 /mo
Digital thought-starters coming your way! Woohoo:
  • Everything in the Tip of the Ice level +
  • PDF versions of our month's stories.
  • Audio versions of our popular Med...

Time Jumper

$19 /mo
Jump around the multiverse with us:
  • Everything in the Inner Sanctum +
  • You can submit a personalized digital fanart request of any character of your choic...

Sorcerer's Knowledge

$39 /mo
Get some special gifts or hear more on a topic of your choice. You choose!
  • Everything included at the Time Jumper $19 level +
  • Each month, we'll mail you one of ou...

Cyborg Circle

$69 /mo
Pick one of the following each month!
  • Everything at the Sorcerer's Knowledge level and below +
  • Each month, you can make a music video song reques...

Our Faces, Your Faces

$99 /mo
A monthly, 30-minute video chat with us. 

(Jonathan is also a life-coach in his spare time on