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Every little bit counts! Thank you so much for your support! 
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My deepest thanks and a free full version of paint tool sai will be given to you!
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A free FULL version of Paint Tool Sai, and a free sketch made by me sent to your email!
Please email me at [email protected] and tell me you have pledged $10 or more, and I will draw something for you and send it your way! Make sure to make the title something along the lines of "I pledged $10 on patreon!".




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About Cheyenne Arnold

Hello everybody!!!
I'm an artist who draws on a daily basis and tries to constantly improve on my art.

Creating art and completing it becomes increasingly more difficult as each month goes by.
I´m a student and I have to work on other jobs than creating art to make money. Eventually, I will have no time to create art when the time comes for me to move out of the house because I will have to focus on work to make ends-meat.

Here is where you come in!
If you truly feel you like my art and want me to continue to create it, you can pledge a certain amount each month to help me get by in life when I move out. Even if you pledge $1 I will be extremely grateful.
$16 of $300 per null
With this amount I can focus on putting most of my money from work into my savings and have food covered for the month!
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