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About Chicago Actors Studio

The Chicago Actors Studio is a training institution and theater that's been helping actors develop their skills and follow their dreams since 1992.  We offer classes and private lessons for the stage and screen, with career counseling sessions to help actors not only develop their craft, but also ensure a successful career in the performing arts.

There are many theatre schools that will simply pat their students on the head, tell them they're doing a great job, and collect their tuition, not caring if they learn anything about acting. But we pride ourselves on being open and honest with our students when it comes to their education, giving every actor that walks through our doors personal attention, and constantly challenging & pushing them to grow as a performer.

Additionally, In an effort to help support the artistic community, not just in Chicago, but across the whole country, we have just launched our new performing arts talk show, "Late Night Chicago," which features advice for actors, interviews with local talent, news about upcoming shows and auditions, and more!

Your patronage will go to support:
-Keeping the price of our classes down, giving more people the opportunity to train here.  
-Scholarships for students who are passionate about the performing arts, but can't afford tuition to study.
-Theatrical productions starring our students, giving them the experience of being in a professional show
-Upgraded recording equipment for "Late Night Chicago" and other video projects
-Craft services and other expenses for the dedicated volunteers that make up the "Late Night Chicago" crew

Thank you to all the patrons who help support us.  You're not just helping us, you're helping the future stars of stage and screen to follow their dreams.
$1 of $500 per month
When we hit $500.00 per month, we can start investing in new props, set pieces and costumes for our scene study classes, and new furniture to help jazz up the rest of the studio and make it even more comfortable for visitors.

On top of that, we'll look into getting extra storage to help make room for projects that demand more space (things are a bit cramped around here at the moment).
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