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Join us monthly for less than a dozen of eggs at Roost Air's home airport and hang out with our chickens. Airport bums will receive the following perks:

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Help out Julio on his journey to keep things running.

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When you start hanging out with Chuck, some great benefits start kicking in. Here is what Chuck's hustle will get you:

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About Chicken Wings

Hello! We are Mike and Stefan Strasser and we have been drawing a comic series about flying chickens for over 15 years now. It has been an amazing ride keeping our small airline "Roost Air" running for as long as it has. One of our dreams from the very beginning has always been turning the shenanigans of our characters into animated cartoons. Animation has come a long way since our heroes Chuck and Julio set out on their first feathered adventure and with printed media disappearing fast we have decided to embark on this new ambitious mission to make them walk, talk, and most importantly fly.
Another plan is to keep all of this ad-free so we are turning towards crowd funding.
And this is where you come in. Help us grow the coop! We know you want this as much as we do. We've been hearing many requests to do something like this for many years now.

With your support we can free up some time within Stef's busy work day. Our biggest hurdle has always been finding the time to do the grunt work. As you might know, we're not short of ideas and many of you have helped us out bringing us new ones over the years. The more money we can raise, the more other projects currently paying Stef's bills he will be able to drop in order to dedicate more time helping Chuck take off and Julio deal with the aftermath. The idea is to free up a few hours at first and produce a small number of animated shorts we can pass around the coop for feedback and to share among friends.

When we reach a certain level of monthly income, Stefan can dial back all of his other work that distracts him from Chicken Wings. And if we reach an even higher level, we will be able to hire artists to help us with the creation of our shorts. As you know, and they have been saying this since the medieval times: It takes a village to create really good animation.
Writing, storyboarding, rigging, animating, voices, lighting, sound mixing, and engineering, cutting … there is a reason why the credits at the end of animation movies are usually half as long as the movie itself.

Now, obviously we don’t expect everyone to just throw money at us because we’re awesome. We have come up with incentives for you to sweeten the deal of our cooperation. Please take a look at our goals, hopes, and dreams below to help you decide if and on which level you want to support the renovation of Roost-Air. We all know Hans can’t afford it. Maybe you can?! Join the coop and become a sponsor of "Chicken Wings"!
$444.40 of $4,000 per month
When we reach this first milestone, we will release an animated short every month.
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