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About Tutum Global

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Tutum Global is a global community for childless women, deeply engaged to shaping the narrative and provoking dialogue that leads to cultural change. They read, watch, listen, convene, and converse. They contribute ideas make it possible for our global movement to provoke conversations, in every part of the world, on one of the most rising epidemics of our time — female childlessness.

We are here for the childless-not-by-choice community, representing 25% of the world’s population; the millions of women unable of ever conceiving a child or sustain a pregnancy. And for many of them, never had any reason as to why, or not tools on how to cope. We are dedicated to shining a light on involuntary childless women who have been hidden in plain sight and struggle for visibility when it comes to the reproductive stories told publicly.

Funds also will allow to continue to provide free resources, support, programs and production for our podcast series, "I Can’t Have Children, Now What?," delving into deep existential questions, uncovering secrets of infertility and providing tools to unlock purpose beyond childlessness.

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 Tutum Global and National Association of Involuntary Childlessness

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