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About Chinasage

With China’s always in the news we all need to understand more about this unique civilization.
Back in 2012 I started Chinasage as an independent information source for all things Chinese. Since then it has become a busy and well-respected information resource. The web site receives about a million visitors a year, and has gained more visitors each year, every year. The resource aims to widen cross-cultural understanding. The web site has grown to over 250 pages of information on traditions, culture, language and history. It is copiously illustrated with over 5,000 images.
To keep the service growing I am seeking your help to sponsor the future development of this unique resource. Currently it is partly funded by advertisements but would much prefer to keep it advertisement-free as they do not raise enough money to fund future projects. That is why I am looking to find Patreon sponsors to provide the necessary income to make the resource viable in the long term.
The site is particularly popular among high school and university students who want to broaden their understanding of all things Chinese. The current rough spread is 31% US, 12% Singapore, 8% Australia, 7% UK, 5% Malaysia and 37% other countries. In terms of age about 50% are under 25 years old.
You might wonder why Chinasage is needed when there is already a free Wikipedia. While it is true that Wikipedia covers nearly every subject that is on Chinasage (and many more), it lacks the tight editing that keeps descriptions consistent, succinct and cross-referenced. Wikipedia is full of worthy pages but they always tend to grow and grow and become unreadable as new contributors add new facts. Wikipedia is also prone to malicious editing, something that cannot happen to Chinasage.
The mission is becoming increasingly important and this vast subject still retains the ability to fascinate and surprise. Can you help me keep Chinasage as an independent and respected resource on everything Chinese?

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