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If you go straight to www.indyplanet.com and order the issue your pledge will immediately bare fruit as the company is a print-on-demand. And you will immediately receive as many copies as you order. This will eliminate the middleman as the pledges would go to Indyplanet anyway to print the comic.




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I am a cartoonist who has created a comic book that is a farcical spoof of Old 70's Kung Fu movies, 80's Action Films and Old time comedies.
It's called 'The Dragon Fists of Smorty Smythe'.
It is the story of a Martial Arts monk who leaves his mountain monastery to take up a life in the outside world. He is taken in by a surrogate family and attempts to settle in.
Wishing for a peaceful existence he instead becomes a reluctant hero as he must body-guard his intrepid and trouble-prone friends on their globe-trotting adventures and escapades.
It is located at www.indyplanet.com and is a print-on-demand production.
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My goal is to make my comic well-known and well-read by a large populace of people who like fun action/comedy/adventure stories.
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