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is creating a live-streamed concert featuring all your music requests
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Make a song request of any genre, and I will perform it in the live-streamed concert on Twitch to premiere the freshly tuned piano!




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About Will Padgett

Thank you for visiting my Patreon page! I appreciate your interest in supporting me. I love playing music for you all, you're so fun and encouraging and keep challenging me to learn new music. Allow me to explain the purpose of this page...

As a working musician, I've found nothing makes me happier than playing requests for you guys and gals over the internet. It's weird, cuz I love my jobs playing piano and producing around town, but I think I have more of a musical connection to gamers and internet-dwellers than I do with the local music scene here in Nashville. I love Nashville, but there's not much love for video game music here! I've been obsessed with video game music since I was 12, when I learned the Zelda Overworld theme. Since then, I've committed several hundreds game tunes to memory, and have thousands left I want to learn!

I want to keep learning new music, and your requests are just what I need!

So I set this Patreon for a win-win cause:
1) You guys get a high-quality piano album full of your very own requests (free for public download)
2) I get my piano back in tune!

My piano was wrecked by the temperature drop last month, it happens every December. Tuning a piano costs a pretty penny. My budget allows for 2 tunings a year, usually...my last tuning was in November for a session, so I'm stuck with what I've got until April.

Check out the various milestones for details, but in a nutshell, $5 will guarantee your request makes it on the album as its own ~2 minute track! 

There's absolutely no pressure from me on my stream to donate, as I don't want to focus on it while playing music. However, for those of you who are able to make a request and tune the piano: I am so humbled by your support, and would like to express my gratitude personally. I would love nothing more than to do just play requests and video game music all day. This is me taking the first step towards supporting myself more through streaming, so I can commit more time to it.

Cheers! -Will / chipboy
$1 of $120 per Requests Album
The piano will be tuned!

With the new beautifully tuned piano, I will perform a 50 minute livestreamed concert of requests by those who pitched in at least $1 to help tune the piano! The performance will be recorded professionally on my studio mics and can be downloaded for free forever!

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