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About Chiri Vulpes

Chiri Vulpes

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Hey! I'm Chiri! I'm a trans foxgirl that loves trans stories more than anything else. I've been writing since I was in kindergarten, and writing trans stories since I was in third grade, and my writing continues into the modern era with the content I post to Scribble Hub, Patreon, and!

If you'd like to help fund more writing from me, consider becoming a patron! 

Okay but like... why would I give you money?

All patrons get access to new chapters as I finish them! 📚

Here's how I write:
  • While a chapter is in progress, only close friends and patrons at the Immortal Eminence tier can see chapters.
  • When a chapter is finished, all patrons can see it.
  • When a chapter of a long form story is edited, it is posted to Scribble Hub.
  • When all chapters of a short form story are edited, I begin to post them to Scribble Hub.
In practice, this means that patrons get the chapters of my short form content much sooner than Scribble Hub readers, along with WIPs for stories that may never see the light of day.

All patrons can help decide which stories I should work on! 📣

At the beginning of each cycle (20k words), I write an update post outlining what stories I worked on in the past month. Then I ask all of you what you want to see! I guarantee getting at least one chapter out of the top-voted story in each cycle, but hopefully multiple, along with progress on other highly-voted stories.

The more you pledge, the more sway your vote! 🚀

Each tier you contribute to will function as additional votes, giving you more sway in deciding what's coming from me next. 

If you pledge to higher tiers, you'll get to make chapter requests! 🥺

Don't want to get your vote overridden by the other people patroning to me, or you wanna request something else entirely? Well, some tiers come with something like monthly commissions! I'll do my best to make a chapter you're happy with based on your request. I reserve the right to refuse certain requests and work with you to find alternatives.

You'll make a cute foxgirl very happy! 🦊

Yep! That's me! I'm a cute foxgirl, and you're helping me do something I love! That makes me very happy!
$130.50 of $150 per 20k words (about 8-10 chapters)
Per 20k words cycle, I will write at least two chapters of the top-voted story, or one chapter each of the two stories with the most votes!
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