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IQ researchers are divided between environmentalists and hereditarians. Coming from a biology background, I accept the hereditarian framework while rejecting many conclusions of both environmentalist and hereditarian scientists and scholars.

Although this is one of the most controversial and contentious debates in human history, I do not believe it is productive to turn it into a name-calling contest, or to lobby for silencing of the opposing view. Thus, I do not attack the hereditarian / HBD side as "racists" or give them any other label that detracts from the substance of their claims. Many of them have actually made sophisticated contributions that deserve serious responses and their motivations are irrelevant if they are right.

My first popular article in the series was "the IQ Gap is No Longer a Black and White Issue," published at Unz Review in 2015, that revealed new data on different ethnic performances in British High Schools. The data was shocking to many experts in the field, as the African immigrant children from English speaking countries conspicuously performed above what is predicted by both hereditarian (genes) and environmental (poverty or culture) conditions. When broken down into tribes, some of them even outperformed the famously test savvy Chinese children!

I ask for your financial support to help me make more time to write more research articles on this issue. Thank you.

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