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About Mambo Chita Tann

Byenvini! I'm Mambo Chita Tann, or "Mambo T," a Haitian Vodou priest and author of Haitian Vodou: An Introduction to Haiti's Indigenous Spiritual Tradition (French edition: Le Vaudou Haitien.) In addition to priest work, consultations, and ceremonies, I've done Vodou-related lecturing for the last decade. No matter how we know each other, I'm glad you're here.

While this Vodou Patreon, the first of its kind I believe, is full of fun members-only perks and surprises, in addition to education on Haiti and Vodou - your memberships go beyond Patreon. 20% of your memberships, after fees, goes to my Haitian family. In the past, this money (and donations via initiates, friends, and my book royalties) has helped with things like doctor visits for elderly priests, school uniforms for kids in our lakou (the place in Port-au-Prince where our temple is), and everything from supplies to daily expenses. Think of this as a Vodou mission. Patreon provides a way to connect people to Haiti and its Vodouisants. I often send more than 20% of the Patreon, and our family knows it comes from you. Thank you so much for enabling this support.

MESI ANPIL (THANK YOU VERY MUCH!) TO: Abby, Aladekoju, Alison, Allison, Ally, Amanda, Ana, Andrea, Avy, Barry, Billy, Billy G., Mambo Brandy, BreAnna, Bria, C.S., Candice, Camille, Charli, Chase, Chaweon, Chimerical, Chris, Christine, Christopher, Corey, Danny, Daryl, David, Dawn, Dean, Denise, Diana, Dijana, Dominique, Doug, Eddie, Edwin, Eilidh, Ellen, Estara, Estelle, Mambo Eujenia, Felicia, Feona, Garth, Gabriella, Gene, Geo, Geovany, Honey, Rev. Gina, Ian, Ivy, Jamie, Houngan James, James S., Jamondria, Jason, Javier, Jay A., Jay D., Jenifer, Jesse, Joan, John, Julie, Kaitlyn, Kate, Ken, Kirill, Houngan Khi, Rev. Kwame, Lauren, Laurie, Leander, Leonardo, Linda, Lisa, Mambo Lisa, Little Deer, Louise, Marcio, Maren, Maria, Mark, Martine, Mattye, Megan, Melissa, Michael, Mikki, Mindy, Mambo Monika, Houngan Monroe, Myron, MZane, Nate, Natasha, Nathalie, Nathen, Nick, Noah, Omni, Patricia, Renata, Mambo Renee, Houngan Richard, Rowan, Ruth, Saige, Sarah, Scott, Mambo Se Li Ya We, Mambo Sierra, Silver Wolf, Skye, Soli, Sonia, Starry, Stephanie, Stephanie M., Stephen, Stephen G., Steven, Sunshine, Ted, Theanos, Mambo Tonya, Valentina, Vida Muerta, and nine anonymous patrons!
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When we reach $1000 per month, I will include a prayer intention at my altars for each Patron regardless of their patronage tier.
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