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Perfect for those who want to support me without wanting anything in return.

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About ChocolateRevel

Erin Kyle Dean / 24 / M /
Artist and Comic Creator
England, UK
 Hi there! I'm Erin and thank you for taking a look at my page 

About me
I am a transgender comic artist and a second-year Animation & Illustration student. I love ducks, and I'm a bit of a chocoholic. That aside, my dream is to publish my stories and comics, and to be able to do this for a living. I attend conventions around the northwest of England, but would love to do artist stalls further out, and maybe even in other countries too someday. 

Why should I support you on Patreon?
  • If you like my art or comics.
  • If you want to support an LGBT+/transgender artist.
  • Your support would help me cover printing costs, stall costs, being able to pay my assistants, and travel costs.
  • Your support will help me get closer to becoming a full-time artist.
  • If you want to just support with nothing in return. In future I would like to offer rewards but currently I am unable to due to being a fulltime student and dealing with transition and health related things.
Thank you so much for your support, love, and to all those who are currently supporting me or have supported me in the past.
 I can't thank you enough! 

If you can't support me on Patreon, that's okay! There are other ways to help out an artist, one way to help me is by sharing, liking, or commenting on my artwork and posts on my social medias. This helps the posts get shown to more people, which helps me a lot as an artist.
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Helps with printing costs for my conventions.

If this goal is reached, every Patron can request a free gift from my stock if they wish. There will be an image posted of all of the things to choose from when this goal is met.
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