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About Jessica Craven

Hi, there! This is mildly awkward, but I'm going to try it. I've been publishing Chop Wood, Carry Water every day (minus one week in the summer and one at Christmas) since the November, 2016 election. It's been a labor of love--part curation, part composition, part pep-talk, part informational synthesis. All of it is meant to make YOUR activism easy, fast, and effective. I spend ten hours a day thinking and reading about politics, in short, so you don't have to. But I did quit my "money" job to do this work, and although I do a different job part-time now, it's for a not-for-profit, so the money isn't great. Aside from doing that, writing CWCW and caring for my daughter, I participate in several different Resistance-related groups. I also DO a ton of activism, so that I can report back to you from the front lines. Not everyone has the time to do what I do; not everyone has the inclination. The more patrons I have, the more I can do to win this fight. AND the better CWCW can be. If I get a lot of patrons I'd like to launch a podcast, even. Imagine that! So suit yourself: continue to enjoy CWCW for free, or become a monthly supporter and help me grow this thing. I'll use any donations I get to fight harder to stop the horror show currently happening in our country. And, donations or not, I'll continue to inspire and encourage all of you to do what you can. I have to! It MATTERS! (:

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