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Malum and Capulus
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What can I say: I love apples, flowers make me feel like a lady and coffee helps me burn the midnight oil lamps! The snack attack is real and brain food is quite necessary when fueling a witch doctor on a mission. When you donate on this tier you will receive a gratitude bloom: 1 pic a month of a flower I find along the way to show my appreciation. 

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For those just wanting to stop by and show love this one's for you! 9 is my favorite number so on this tier my gift to you will be:

  • A Postcard made by yours truly with a 1 card tarot pull just for you! Oh! and 9 of something special on the front!
  • New and Full Moon ritual tips 
  • Gratitude Bloom
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Wanna get your feet wet? Let's get started! This is the perfect place to get started without feeling pressured.  In this tier you will have access to the following:

  • Magick on the Move tip for the month
  • magical vocabulary words to expand your jargon
  • Access to progress photos showing matriculation of goals
  • 1 pic a month of a flower I find to show my appreciation. 
  • New and Full Moon ritual tips




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About ChosenEyes LLC

Hi, everyone! The Pupil is designed to help patrons learn, grow, and manifest, using herbal remedies, crystal prescriptions, tarotscopes, and other forms of healing through magick and practicality. Think of it as magickal sex ed: I'll arm you with the information and guidance so you don't spread "magickal disease"! I completed my Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and have over 20 years of professional experience as a psychic-medium and I want to share that wealth of knowledge with YOU.

As a patron to my work, you'll receive opportunities to learn through monthly educational videos (with downloadable materials included), the option for one-on-one tutorials/lessons, personalized kits, herbal remedies, and more. 

As the holidays come to an end, remember to invest in YOURSELF as much as you have other people. Thank you for sharing your souls and this journey with me - I'm humbled and honored.

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My passion project is to create a summer camp that helps school aged children navigate their psychic and/or magickal abilities. All mentors involved with the camp will be members of the magickal community from a multitude of spiritual and none spiritual backgrounds. When children learn early how to navigate their personal intuitive levels they are more empowered, but when they are guided by those who can relate to them they know they are not alone. With your help, the camp will be held in the Austin, TX area in the summer of 2020!
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