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Patrons at this level gain access to written content surrounding the work. This offers a window into my process that includes the sketching/developing side of things as well as work-in-progress images along the way. Likewise this is a place to share what's currently inspiring me, analyses about the work--both past and present--and general musings that come up from time to time. I guarantee one post a month, but expect more sprinkled throughout considering this is my opportunity to discuss the work candidly with a willing audience.
  • Written Analyses and Overviews

Monthly Artist Talk Podcast

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Along with the previous tier, patrons at this level receive access to my monthly 'Artist Talk': a recorded podcast where I go into detail about my work progress over the previous month. This gives listeners a view into my practice and offers me an opportunity to reflect on what I'm actively working on and how I foresee it continuing to unfold moving forward. What inspires me can change rapidly, so the podcast is also a place where I open up about what's been fueling me creatively. I reserve the right to chat about different aspects of the work, be it present or past, so expect a little of everything. Most importantly, however, is the Q&A section of each podcast, where I answer patron-provided questions pertaining to the work.
  • Monthly Artist Talk Podcast
  • Written Analyses and Overviews

Q&A During 'Artist Talk' Podcast

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Along with receiving access to both of the previous two tiers, patrons at this level are given the opportunity to ask a question each month pertaining to some aspect of my work or practice. This offers listeners a regular opportunity to directly inquire into some aspect or characteristic about my work, be it current or past, that interests them. In the event I'm unable to answer a particular question during the podcast due to time restraints, I will answer the question directly via email to the soliciting patron. From time to time, a question may spiral off into its own separate written post to be shared with my entire Patreon audience.
A variety of questions are welcome, but all of them should pertain to some aspect of my work. This could include--but is not limited to:
  • A current piece/series/body of work I'm actively producing
  • A completed piece in a current or past body of work/series
  • Conceptual aspects of my work in general or specific to a particular piece/series/body of work
  • Formal aspects of my work, such as composition, medium, execution of a piece
  • Inspiration surrounding a particular piece/series/body of work
  • Past experiences with exhibiting or showing my work
  • Idea-related, be it subject matter to explore in the future or something I may have considered previously 
  • Etc.!
  • Monthly Artist Talk Podcast
  • Q&A Opportunity
  • Written Analyses and Overviews

About Chrilz

View and connect with my work -  @chrilzart

Fine Artist

My name is Chrilz and I'm a contemporary figurative artist working in the Metro-Detroit, Michigan area. I started this journey just a few years ago and have gratefully had the opportunity to exhibit my work with a variety of galleries across the country as well as twice abroad. If I set off to become an artist in hopes of fame and riches, I would have laid down my pencils long ago. On the contrary, I believe this work is what I was put in this world to do. And though it's a path that may not solve the crises humanity faces, I believe that, somehow, it can and will enrich the lives of others. Ultimately, as with any calling, I trust that it will bring some kind of good to planet Earth, and above all I hope it brings God the glory.
This work is incredibly important to me. It feels like the full actualization of my human person. Each and every piece I produce is a manifestation of my being--both being a part of me and simultaneously existing on its own. It is a beautiful mystery that I will never truly understand. With that said, I work with a focus on creating art that moves those who view it in heart and mind. The conceptual and emotional aspects of each piece are paramount, and each characteristic of a piece is executed in a manner as to lead towards that end. I encourage you to view my work through my website, but if the opportunity presents itself, please take time to physically view my work in-person. May it be a moving experience, and I truly thank you for doing so.

Your Support

My primary goal with Patreon is to create a space where I can more personally engage with individuals who are moved by my work. The internet is very helpful for sharing artwork quickly and on a global scale, but the usual platforms of exchange seem lacking in authentic engagement to me. Social media is woefully unequipped for intimacy between an artist and a viewer. Try as I might to respect the audience I do have on the internet, it never feels like I can deliver a presence that does the work justice and serves individuals seeking to view it. Thus, that brings me here. Patreon is not a perfect platform, but it offers an accountability between creator and audience that I hope will elevate your experience of my work and practice. Becoming a monthly contributor means you are invested more than just an everyday internet onlooker, and I take that commitment very seriously. Knowing you carry this level of investment places upon me a duty and desire to have a dialogue about my work and process that goes a bit deeper. I want nothing more than to enrich your understanding and viewing of my work through this exchange, and I hope offering this window into my work will encourage active engagement between you and I.
On a more corporeal level, pursuing art as a career is an incredibly turbulent experience. My income relies upon opportunities leading to sales, both of which are never guaranteed. As a result, utilizing Patreon as a modest means of regular income is very helpful in that regard. Likewise having a regular group of caring individuals cheering me on from across the computer screen is something I treasure. It means a great deal to me that anyone would want to support this work monetarily, and anyone who does so at any level is a friend. Please know I am grateful day by day for each and every one of you.

Artist Statement
I am a drawer working in some kind of blend between Neo-figurative and Neo-expressionism, utilizing the human form as my vessel of expression. My focus is human nature: our experiences, our emotions, our relationships. It is the culmination of life unfolding that fuels my need to create. The conceptual side of the art is paramount to me. In every piece, the formal elements are intentionally composed, all in an effort serve the idea. Each piece is always an effort to express something more, whether that be a complete concept or the subtlety of emotion. I am enamored by color, line, geometry, realism, and the collision of elements functioning together. As an artist I consider myself as the machine, receiving input from without that is processed and output as visual work. Life itself is an artist’s greatest masterpiece and the integration of my existence into the whole is at the core of my ever-growing process.


Thank you :)

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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