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Download each brand new or unreleased track / remix, in MP3 or lossless formats (as well as all previous pieces of music on this project). You'll also get this new music substantially ahead of their official releases. You can also read (and participate in) my special Patron activity feed, with exclusive info about the production of the tracks. And you know you are supporting me directly in creating new tracks and albums
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About Chris Huelsbeck

Latest news:  NOW 50+ royalty-free tracks and counting! :)
I've decided to make all the music on this project / channel available for you to use royalty-free, which means you can for example use the tracks on Youtube, in games or your presentations, free of charge and without worry about copyright or content ID matches. It doesn't even matter if you use it for commercial purposes. The only requirements I have is to not resell the music by itself (it needs to be "attached" to something you created yourself) and that you display a credit if you used the music or portions for it (for example: "'music title' by Chris Huelsbeck, used under a royalty-free license, please visit for more info!" - the link is not mandatory, but would be nice, so that more people can find this project, participate and grow this into a larger and diverse library. Thanks all for your ongoing support! :)

if you can't display a credit (like use in a radio commercial for example), you'll need to contact me to acquire a different license:

Note for fans who just discovered this: If you decide to support this project, you will get instant access to all previous royalty free music pieces that I've released here! :)

Welcome to my Patreon page!

Here you can help me create more music by directly supporting me whenever I have a new track ready (be it a single release or part of a new album). You'll get the music in multiple formats including lossless audio) ahead of everyone else, access to my exclusive Patreon feed with updates and info about the creation process, as well as other perks (like special discount codes for my Bandcamp Albums for example) and you will know that your support helped to make this all possible. Let's create something very special together! :)

So how does it exactly work? Patreon was created to support artists and creators using a form of crowd funding. Similar to Kickstarter, Fans or "Patrons" can pledge a small amount of financial support to their favorite artist either on a monthly basis or per creation. See this video for a more in-depth explanation:

Recently I switched to the "monthly" option and you'll get at least one brand new royalty-free music piece each month (and possibly more than one in the future). On top of early access to these new tracks and albums, you'll also get Bandcamp discounts and other goodies. I also have special reward levels for fans who want to support me even more with treats like streaming of studio sessions etc.

Depending on how successful we (you and I) are with this, it will enable me to create some very special new music and new albums, faster and better. This will be a very exciting adventure! :)

-Chris Huelsbeck
87% complete
I will start to make 2 royalty-free songs a month instead of one. This way you get more tracks and I also get to fill more albums for my Bandcamp faster (which you also get as bonus downloads of course)!
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