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About Chris and Reggie

Hi! Chris and Reggie are a couple of comic book enthusiasts who bring you podcasts on specific comic books and the dusty corners of comic book history every week! Their podcasts involve 40+ hours of research and some very poor voice acting. Every Sunday morning, find the flagship podcast, Cosmic Treadmill, on Every Wednesday, find Chris reminiscing in his solo show, Chris is on Infinite Earths, alternating with Reggie talking about comics moments in Reggie's Comics Stories. Patrons receive two episodes of Comix Tawk per month, where Chris and Reggie discuss things they wouldn't put on the regular podcast feed, and one episode of Cosmic Treadmill After Dark, wherein they detail a comic book that is too spicy for the Sunday morning show! And it keeps growing folks! Hop on the Treadmill and see where it takes us!
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