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About Chris Bittner


I am Chris Bittner. This page was created in case you want to support me.
Most of the things I am creating are available for free regardless of the support I receive.

I am passionate about making music and I love to share it.
I started composing music in 2004 under the name N.E.S.
I have tried many different genres and I don't label my creations strictly to one of them, but it is noticeable that I gravitate around electronic and ambient. I was raised on classical music and probably you would be able to hear that as well.
If you want to listen to it please visit my soundcloud page. I have released there couple of completed albums, few singles and many tracks from other albums.

If you want to listen to some of the music directly from your PC I have released two items under CC license.
You need to go to my website and navigate to download section. You will find there two archives:
- soundtrack of the game Forgiven Forgotten Fallen,
- three albums released as a soundpack for the game Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead. They can be listened to without the game as well. These three albums are available to listen at my soundcloud page as well, they are: Catalyst to Clysm (2019), Cataclysm is here (2020), Corrosive Impartment (2020).

More will come with time.

In 2013 I started developing games under the name GenuiTX.
- So far I have finished alpha version of FPP shooter called Forgiven Forgotten Fallen or for short FFF. I was developing it in Unity game engine and I was planning to finish it there but then I decided to move Unreal rewrite it from scratch. It is currently on hold but the original alpha version is available for free here. It is completed as it is and it offers procedural levels and short campaign.
- I have worked for few years at game called In Vacuum with my friend Dariusz Rudzki. We have, however, put it on hold for now (as of 2021).
- Currently I am working on a new game that hopefully will be announced in 2021.
You can read more about them at GenuiTX website or you can watch videos directly from GenuiTX's YouTube channel.

Photography and movies
For last couple of years I switched to analog photography completely. Yet, before that, for few years I was actively making digital photography and I plan to release most of the work I have done (and is good) for free at my website.
Photos from 2013 are already available.
Recently I have also put some interest into making videos. I really enjoy the whole process of making them. From recording through editing and composing music for them. You can watch some my recent videos in this playlist.

I love playing games and I still do that a lot. Especially with some niche titles. I also play online games with my friends.
Some time ago I decided that streaming games would be fun way of sharing the game-play experience with others. I don't have big audience but I really like the idea. You can watch my streams or recorded videos from game plays at Twitch or YouTube.

If you want to know more about me, please check my website.
Remember, you don't need to support me monetary. If you listen to my music, use my assets or just have fun watching my videos you do support me.

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