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We're atoms! I'm atoms! Without them everything is nothing, so I suppose this should be the first tier of support?

Thank you for pledging this, seriously every bit helps me to carry on making more pieces of art.

- I promise to raise a glass of something and literally say 'cheers, very much indeed' to whoever pledges to this tier. I will then nibble some cheese and be thankful to you for being cool enough to support me. It will become a little thing that I do.

- If you're on Instagram I'll be sure to tag and thank you on there too.

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Atoms aren't enough for James Lovelock, according to him daisies are where it's at (well, sort of).

Each person signing up to this tier would be enabling me to buy another fineliner micron style pen, every month, so that I can dot dot dot for even more days of my life. Or good quality paper. Or a pint when I've got cabin fever and have to leave the studio for a bit...

- Everyone signing up to this tier will, at the outset, receive a thank you through the post in the form of a little hand-drawn and sequentially numbered daisy.

- Everyone will also receive a random print from my The Adventures of Norman series. A nice heavyweight archival matte paper print, not a crappy run of the mill A4 printer paper one...

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Bill Bryson taught me about Stromatolites and they blew my mind. They might look like something H.R. Giger dreamt up but they've been around since before we existed, helped make Earth habitable for us to exist, and there are still living colonies of them thriving in places like Australia. I've seen them. They're insane!

Pledging at this level is really helping me to thrive too.

- Everyone pledging this amount will receive two random The Adventures of Norman prints, on archival paper.

- You will also receive a random print from my Creatures Series, on A4 archival paper.




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Thank you very much for being interested enough in my work to visit this page, it means a lot!

You can view images of almost all finished work on

I do a lot of thinking about my own and mankind's place in the world. Our impact, and nature's impact on mankind. Along the way there's another inevitable question that needs asking: what is mankind's relationship with itself? Ecology, sport (mountaineering), environmentalism, leisure (hiking etc.), pacifism, the inexorable creep of nature back into mankind's sanitised spaces - that's what I tend work on and around.

I produce a lot of my work in pen and ink. This is not because of the relative cheapness, because I spend hundreds of dot dot gruelling dot dot hours on some dot dot pieces, but because I love the aesthetic. The paring away of extra detail so that you concentrate on content and, if there is one, the message. That message is a bitter pill to swallow so I usually try to swaddle it in something approaching humour or wonder. Rather than abject terror, horror, frustration, and futility. So there you go! I hope you like my work and I hope you fancy spending a pint's worth of your hard earned money on keeping me buying materials, paying my bills, and producing artwork that I think needs to be made. Needs to be squeezed out of my brain!
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This would keep me in stock with materials, and could afford a few bespoke frames for finished pieces in weird dimensions. The media I work on would improve too, it is kind of surprising just how important the paper is for drawings or good quality canvas for oil painting. Paint quality will improve too, and I could replace brushes far quicker. Brushes die out no matter how well you care for them.
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