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About Chris Carpenter

Hey Gang! I’m Chris. I’ve been singing and writing songs for a while now. Not sure how long you’ve been keeping up with the music I make. You may have been here since the beginning in 2004. You might have jumped on the bandwagon when my first album came out in 2007, or maybe it was when you heard one of my songs on your favorite TV show. Even still it could have been when you saw me perform in your city at some point over the last few years and we struck up a friendship and now we look forward to catching up each time I’m back in town. Whatever or whenever it was it really doesn’t matter, I’m just so grateful you’re here with me on a journey that continues to bless, encourage, teach and mystify me! You see, those examples I mentioned are just parts of the bigger story and here’s the best part… it doesn’t just belong to me. It belongs to you too! Because of that I wanted to create a special experience to show my appreciation for what all of you have given me over the years.

So my friends, here’s what you can expect from being a patron:
  • The “Song Journals” Podcast - Two episodes a month where we take a deep dive into the stories behind all the original songs!
  • Exclusive Tracks - That’s right! Be it a classic from past records, B-sides or previously unreleased songs, you get a new track once a month.
  • Live Chats - As most of you know I love to talk almost as much as I love to sing. So every 8 weeks or so I’ll be hosting a live chat with my patrons. You can catch up with me, meet other friends of mine and maybe make some new friends in the process. Plus I’ll field questions if you have any, mostly musical of course but we can also tackle world peace and stuff too. We’ll conclude each chat with a brand new original song or special request.

I really hope all of this sounds fun to you because I’m having a blast making the content. I hope you’ll join me and become part of this new online community!
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts
Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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