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is creating Wood Burning, Polished Granite Etching, Illustration
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About Christopher Katt

Hi! Christopher Katt here. I'm a professional artist focusing on fantasy and symbolic theology. My preferred mediums are pyrography (wood burning), granite etching, and illustrative work, which encompasses pencil, ink & digital clean up and coloring. Presently I work a full time manufacturing job to pay my bills and use what precious little time I have left to grow a fan base. Ideally I'd like to be a full time artist, devoting the majority of my time towards creation instead of spreading myself so thin. It's my hope to get at least enough donations where I don't have to work overtime at my factory job. This will effectively allow me more time to work towards my artistic goals.
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When I reach this goal I will no longer be forced to work overtime at my manufacturing job! Woohoo! There will be other goals after this of course, but this would be a monumental first step.
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