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About Chris Miller

Hello, and thank you for visiting my Patreon page! I'd love to invite you to be a partner with me in creating these dark, suspenseful tales. Writing is hard work, and it's time consuming as well. Most of us who are authors still work full-time day jobs to support ourselves and our families, so we have to sacrifice to make time to write. Then there is the cost of pre-submission editing. The publisher does the final editing, but getting a manuscript in as close to perfect order as you can before submitting is crucial, and these editors cannot work for free, and you simply cannot edit your own work effectively. It can also get expensive if you've got a longer work or several works in the process at once, multiple submissions out, and not yet earning meager royalties. This is where the patrons step in and help us bridge the gap to be able to provide you, the fans and readers, with the best quality books we can. And editing costs are what they are: expensive. But I'd rather sit on a book for ten years than send it out without some good editing first.   
I won't do it. I want my story, my baby, to be the very best version it can be. And thus, I won't put something out until I've had time to save money and do it right. Hire an editor. Get it as polished and near to perfect as it can be. Give my work its very best chance to succeed. Never mind that publishers will just toss aside a submission if it has all these little typos and grammatical mistakes that the author simply cannot recognize anymore after writing.

So all of this is not meant to come across as a bitching session, merely to put into perspective what an author faces when trying to publish and still be able to keep the lights on. Perhaps one day I'll get lucky and Simon & Schuster or Penguin Random House will pick me up, give me a pile of money, and do all this work, but today is not that day. That day may be a long ways off. May never happen. But that doesn't mean I don't want to put out quality stories with a polished sheen in the here and now, and I have many fans who also want to read my stuff.   

So, all that to say, I'm inviting you to join the process. It doesn't have to be much, but if enough people chip in, it helps me get these stories out faster and better. Thank you so much for coming by, love you all, and God-speed!
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I'm hoping to get to the point where I can spend more time working on my books and less time working at my dayjob. If I can get to where I only have to work part time, I can get a lot more writing done. It's my goal ultimately to get to the point I can write full-time.
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