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If you pledge $1 or more per video, you will receive exclusive access to my Patreon-only stream! This is basically a place for me to chat one-on-one with everyone I can. Once I have it set up, you will be automatically placed on the VIP Newsletter that will give you access to news before everyone else, some free downloads, and more! Thanks for your donations :)
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If you pledge $5 or more per video, you will get all of the same perks per as mentioned above, I will also follow you on YouTube, Twitter, etc. I will even add you onto my Skype, this way we can hold video chats together, either in a group or just one on one! Thanks again for your donations!
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If you are willing to pledge $10 or more per video, again the same perks as mentioned above, but you'll also get a shout-out on my patreon video at the end of the month you first pledged. Also, you will have a FREE copy of my CD(coming soon) added! 




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About Christopher Phillips

I’m Chris Phillips and thank you for popping in :)

Even though I have been on YouTube for a couple of years now I am only just starting to get into it. My channel will be focusing more on music covers and live performances than anything else. I would also like to help promote other artists who are looking to spread the word about their music without having to advertise.

I’ve enjoyed listening to music since the age of 5 or 6 and singing along. However, it wasn’t until 2016 (I was 21 by then) that I was able to do anything about it. I prefer the older style of music such as the Rat Pack, but I would love to venture into a wider range.

I’ve set some personal goals in which I will work with thanks to your investments
  • New equipment and software to improve video quality
  • Donate money to charity
  • A Fully-Recorded original album
  • A Fully-Recorded Covers album
  • The Start of a crew so I’m not working on everything solo
  • I would love to be able to sell Merchandise
  • Start gigging outside of my home County (Kent, UK)
  • Make music my hobby & career not just a hobby
I won’t force you into pledging, at the end of the day just knowing you’re watching my videos is suffice to make me feel good about what I am doing, since 2016 I have fallen deeply into music and if I can help people do that themselves then happy days :D

What is the schedule like?

At the current moment, my plan for the schedule is 2 videos a month. One on the 10th of the month and the other on the 25th. within time, I will be increasing to 4 videos per month. But for now, 2 will do.

So what if you do want to donate?
It’s simple really, you hit that big ol’ “Become a Patron” button near the top of the page, select $1.00 (or more) per video I release OR set yourself a monthly cap!

The money you provide will be set aside until it accumulates into a new feature for the channel and other things to benefit the channel

You then get access to a reward and to my VIP chatroom!

Reward Tiers
Starting at $1 and going up to $25 each of the 4 tiers will give you the same access to my VIP chatroom and some behind-the-scene footages. Some MP3 downloads may also become available later on.

As you move up the tiers the perks increase, simple, at one point you’ll even have direct influence into what will be posted!

After all of this, I would just like to say… Thank you, just the support you give to me is one of the main reasons I do this. The other is just that I like to sing, a lot. All support, cash-included or not, is considered to me as incredible.

Best Wishes


Social Media and other links
Of course, with all that being said, not everything is about pledging, feel free to check out the free content on each of the pages linked below. If you like food, follow me on Instagram, there is some delicious content on there :) 

$0 of $50 per creation
This is my first milestone. For that thank you ever so much for starting me off. Getting to $50 means that I can start being more selfless! I have my main job in which earns my living. The money I earn from you goes in a sense back to you, to start with it will be covering my costs for singing lessons and choir.

However, 10% will be going to charity from now on! I'll be splitting it 50/25/25 the large chunk to cancer research to help beat cancer sooner, 25% to NRDC to help protect our resources and the rest to the Scouting Association 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post