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About Chris Ryan

My name is Chris if you don’t know me I am a adventurous guy who makes videos on Youtube. I started making videos about 2 years ago, trying to inspire others and make other people happy. I deal with alot of things my self like social anxiety and depression. Going through these things my self makes me try to help others if I can make someone happy or smile it tends to make me feel better.

I am struggling though, people often think that being a Youtuber you make a lot of money. I have made some money but not nearly enough to live and survive off of or to travel and do all the things I wish to do and show all of you. I don't do branded deals or promote things in videos, I don’t like to push things upon those who watch my videos.
“Why don’t you just get a job” well social anxiety stops me from being able to work most jobs. Ive dealt with it since I was young and have gone to councilors and taken medicine for it. 

I thought it would be a good idea to start a crowd funding service to offer rewards and perks to people who are willing to help me. I don’t like that I am asking for help, if I could live off of making videos and trying to make people happy I would.
Regardless if you have been watching my videos before or are new to me and my channel. If you'd like to see me post more videos and support me. you’ll get some really awesome things by doing so.
$5 of $1,000 per month
if reached it will help me in so many ways. I'll be able to continue and make videos for you all the time. I'll be able to travel to places that I love and have felt the happiest at & bring you along with for the journey. No words can express how grateful I'd be
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