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is creating roleplaying game elements and advice.
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About Chris S. Sims

My name is Chris S. Sims. I'm an award-winning game creator with almost two decades of experience working on games such as three editions of Dungeons & Dragons, Starfinder, Pathfinder, Magic: The Gathering, and more. You can see an overview of my work on my website, along with a detailed list of my publications. Connect with me on Twitter, too.

Support allows me to spend more time creating original work. This Patreon is where I'll release little things alongside stuff I'm still developing for larger projects. You'll have access to the results, including but not limited to the following:

  • Analysis and advice (see my blog)
  • Fiction with gaming hooks
  • Game designs
  • Maps and locations
  • Mechanical elements
  • Monsters and nonplayer characters
  • Short adventures
  • Treasure and cool gear
  • World settings

Much of what I create is usable in any game system. I include specific mechanics for various systems, too. Sometimes, I tinker with new designs or try out experiments, and I'll share them. What I share here will be my original, unvarnished work, so it won't be edited or developed by others.

However, I'll regularly gather what I've created together into collections or create products that include my creations. Those items will be refined by others. Supporting me at higher tiers allows you to grab discounts on those publications.

Thanks for reading this far and considering supporting me!
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When I reach  $550 per month, my Patreon becomes a real side job. I'll commit to more releases, along with more art to support what I create. Some art will be by me, and I'll hire other artists to spruce up the place.
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