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Hi. I'm Chris Tackett (of ChrisTackettNow). I'm a private citizen with a real regular job, but I've also got a passion project, what I see as my opportunity to contribute to my community and my state.

I follow the money in Texas politics at the Statewide, Senate and House levels. Some have called me an expert on campaign finance, but I'm really just a guy who good at interpreting numbers and translating them into a format that is a little easier to digest. I tracked ALL of the money pouring into Texas Legislature races in the 2018 election cycle, making it easy to see which candidates had grassroots support and which were just AstroTurf. By understanding where the money comes from you understand who your legislator is really representing. You can see what I've put together at You can also find me on FacebookTwitter, and the occasional article on Medium.

If you find the info worthwhile and want to help me keep this going through the 2020 election cycle, a small recurring contribution helps me keep the project on the tracks.

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