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Foundation Layer
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Rome wasn't built in a day. They had to start somewhere. In order to build an empire the land needs to be prepped and ready for it. Foundation Layer's do exactly that. 

Foundation Layers receive a shoutout on my social media account. @christhenerd92
Brick Giver
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It's nice to have a nice plot of land to build the empire, but if there are no bricks for the buildings, then we don't have anything sturdy. Brick Givers help to create the structures of the empire.

Brick Giver's will get early access to major content. IE short films, scripted reviews, and the like. Off the cuff sketches, or vlogs aren't included in this. 
Mortar Mixers
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It's one thing to have sturdy bricks for an empire, but there needs to be a glue that holds it all together. Mortar Mixers make sure the bricks hold strong upon our foundation. 

In addition to previous tiers, Mortar Mixers will be given special recognition in the credit section of all videos. (Exclusidng skecthes) 




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Greetings, and welcome to the Christhenerd Patreon Page. I appreciate you taking the time to view it. 

I am the titular person, Christhenerd. At least, that's the handle I gave myself over a decade ago when I started creating content for internet consumption. Over that 10 years, I've evolved from a literal child, that just yelled about bad video games/movies/media with no real goal in mind. Ten years later, I've evolved into an adult(?) that still enjoys talking about media, but with more of a goal in mind. 

Most importantly, my focus now is on creating stories. In the last few years I've written 3 novels, and have plans to create more story based content for youtube. In addition, I will still talk about different media I consume, because there is a lot of interesting media out there, and I feel discussion is healthy when done correctly. By supporting this Patreon page, it will ensure the growth of what I intend to create, and allows me to be more ambitious. 

The Christhenerd empire starts here, and all Patrons are helping to build it. I hope you join in.
$11.04 of $50 per month
If we reach a 50 dollar earning, we'll start having weekly live streams with patrons. We'll play games, watch shows, and do whatever it is people do when they live stream. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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