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About Alexis & Aaron Waid

What Does Spiritually Hungry: Christian Resource Project Do?

Our mission is to GIVE as many high-quality resources for Christian growth through our site,, as we possibly can.

We believe it's important to keep giving - because we know thousands of people are using our resources that would never purchase a devotion or Bible study if they had to pay for it.

We believe the internet is the most massive mission field the world has ever known

So many people have told us, “I’ve never worked on my faith like this. I just came across your site and decided to give it a try. I wasn’t expecting much, but I’m seeing how God is changing my life through this Challenge”

We’ve met people through our ministry who haven’t been active in their faith for years tell us that our resources have helped them rekindle their faith.

Perhaps most amazingly of all, we’ve even met people through our online ministry who have reported encountering Jesus for the first time because of the ministry we’ve been able to provide online.

None of this could have happened if our resources weren’t available for free. So many people that have taken a Challenge or used another of our resources would have never put down money for something like this - but they will download it, and use it, and are finding God's movement through it.  That’s why we believe so much in generosity.

And that’s where you can join with us.

Join Our Mission To Meet The World With High Quality, Free To Get Resources For Growing In Connection To God.

Starting at $5 - the price of a big coffee each month - you can help us continue to reach thousands every day with resources that we design to help guide people into a deeper connection with God. 

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We hope to have some special goodies for Patreon supporters in the future, but for now, supporting us on Patreon will enable you to:

  • Never Sign Up For Any Resources Again - No more putting in your email all the time!
  • 3-Day Early Access To Monthly Challenges
  • Get A Copy Of Our 200+ page eBook - 365 One-Minute Christian Challenges

Additionally, Your Support Will Enable Us To Develop More Content You'll Love
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  • Apps for iPhone and Android
We have so many ideas for reaching new people and helping them uncover new ways to connect to God, but it's all going to take time, money, and our attention to make it all happen. 

That's Why We Want To Partner With You Here On Patreon!

In case you aren't as familiar with us, our names are Alexis and Aaron Waid. We've been married 10 years and have two little kids, Rhett and Lucy. We both have Master's degrees from Denver Seminary and have served in many positions in the church.

A few years ago, God gave us a new vision - to reach many people we'd never otherwise meet and share with them new ideas for connecting to God.

Over the past two years, we’ve given away hundreds of thousands of month-long Challenges, worksheets, ebooks, adult coloring sheets, prayer journals, and in-depth articles on our site. People on six continents are using our resources - and we have not, and will not, charge for the resources on our website.

It's important for us to keep giving away resources, but we need your help to do so!

We've met countless people over the past two years who have told us they would have never grown in their relationship with God, or renewed their faith, or for some, come to faith in Jesus for the first time, if they hadn't been able to get a free download of our Challenges and other resources. 

We're continually humbled and blown away by how God is moving people and shaping lives with these resources, and we know that so many of the people we've reached - and will reach in the future - won't be accessible if we don't continue to provide resources at absolutely no cost. 

If you're reading this, you've probably been the recipient of one of our monthly Challenges or other resources. Even though EVERYONE tells us we should be charging for our resources...we just don't want to do it, for one very simple reason.

We have a generous God...and we want to be generous too.

We're regularly told we could charge in excess of $20 for our Challenges every month, which are full-color layout and usually in excess of 35 pages each month. It takes us weeks to make each Challenge and its accompanying Freebies. When you add in all of the blog posts, social media, emails, and work it takes to reach people in the 21st century - producing these resources has become a full-time job!

We love it - and we want to keep giving away these resources to you and many, many more people. But again, we're going to need a little help to do so and with your contributions of $5.00 or more a month you can help us achieve the means to keep providing these high quality Christian free resources. 

There are a lot of expenses involved with operating our site, and devoting time to producing the Challenges and other resources obviously take away from the ability to work on many other things.

Your contribution of $5.00 or more helps us not only fund the ministry but also enables us to provide even more exciting resources!

We're incredibly excited about what God is doing in our lives, and we're in constant prayer for how He's bringing this all together. We hope you'll join with us and help us to continue to reach more people with the reality of God's love and His desire to connect with us.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 33 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 33 exclusive posts

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