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Ladies...we are in a bit of a faith crisis because it feels like the Church just doesn't know what to do with the modern woman who no longer sees marriage as the be-all, end-all goal of their existence.  

So, where do single women of faith fit in?

That's the big question I try to answer through my writing.  Whether it's blogging or my Instagram and Facebook posts, I'm trying to answer the questions of existing as a single woman over the age of 30.  I'm trying to fill the gaps that the Church leaves wide open.  What questions aren't being answered?  How can we feel empowered?  What are our daily struggles when we don't have that Plus One to rely on?  And where does God's vision for women fit into all of this modern thinking?

Join me as I go on this crazy journey, and let's build this ministry together.  By contributing at least $1 per month, you'll be allowing me to build more content and minister to more women who really need to know that God loves them just where they are.  

NOTE:  All Instagram content is shared on Facebook, but if you want to find me on IG, you can go to @christiansingleladies there.
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When I reach $500 per month, I will start a Christian Single Ladies podcast.  I'd love to start chatting with everyone online about the things that sometimes are harder to convey in writing.
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