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We’re a group of Christ-loving women who’ve each been led to help others on the path to unschooling.

Most of us are moms of teens or young adults. Some of us have littles. Our team includes members with training in social work, psychology, child development, teaching, and communications. We’ve worked extensively in church and community roles. And we’ve embraced and practiced the unschooling lifestyle in harmony with our personal faith. Wanna be weird and different and love the process? We are so here for you, y’all!

What this Patreon funds: The website has been online continuously since 2008, 100% paid for out of pocket and supplied with content by volunteers. Result? A great, information-rich site that goes through inevitable cycles of neglect and sadness. (So sad… so sad.) The site has IT maintenance, editorial and writing needs. These skills exist within several administrators’ professional backgrounds, but are often diverted elsewhere out of financial necessity.

What else?
A Facebook page and an active Facebook group. Like any online help thingy, the admin team does not offer professional counselling services or authoritative guidance. However, we’ve brought our skills and passions together to facilitate a positive, respectful, thoughtful environment where your questions are safe, experienced answers are available, and solid friendships can form.

The Facebook page is a public portal for people seeking info. It involves the usual social media management like updating, comment answering and spam moderating. But it’s also a conduit for private messages from people seeking new options and commonality. Currently, this link in the chain is languishing.

The group is a closed environment with a membership approval process. It covers the whole scope of parenting, from nurturing little ones to launching young adults, and accommodates all stripes and flavors of Christian faith. The group is also administered by volunteers, with some admins donating over 40 hours a week to the job. (Yes, we work other jobs and raise our families too. You see the problem…) Most of our time goes here.

And another thing. Woohoo! We’d also SUPER LOVE to be able to put out the Christian Unschooling Handbook we’ve desperately wanted to create for several years.

We’d like another ten years of helping people. Our goal is sustainability.

The Christian Unschooling Resource Group is something you can give to yourself. Twenty people giving a buck a month will fund the website’s maintenance. If we get farther than that, we’re making you gravy and cake. Okay, maybe not together. And also, y’know, metaphorically, out of the information you’ve asked us for.

Wanna do it? Let’s do it!
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$20/month would cover our monthly website expenses.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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